Maya Stevens

lesson learned

A guy once said to me: you could be so pretty and beautiful, if you would lose a few pounds.

There is a reason why I never lost more weight, all that awesomeness that would come out, would be too much to handle for the world!
I am happy with my body and with myself, why does everybody feel the need to try and change that.

Thanks for the lesson: always be gratefull for what you have, and not what you don’t have…

Beelden gemaakt voor het project Gejaagd door de Wind. 

Model Dunja van Hees

Workshop van reclamefotograaf: Peter-Jac Steenman

Fotografeer een wc-rol, kenmerken: krachtig toiletpapier (scheurt niet), biologische grondstoffen en een sturctuur ontworpen door: Jan des Bouvrie.

Gemaakt door: Maya Stevens, Maurits Colijn, Nikki Zeebregts en Pascaline Reijman.

Anonymous asked: Dag Maya, ik heb je een paar e-mails gestuurd. Heb je ze wel ontvangen?

Heej, nee ik heb geen mails ontvangen. Misschien zijn ze naar het verkeerde adres gestuurd. Zou je zo vriendelijk willen zijn deze nogmaals te versturen naar Alvast bedankt. 

Project: De Modellenfabriek

Model: Maurits Colijn

Fotografe: Maya Stevens


  • Model - Kathryn-Marie Nunn
  • Photographer - Martin Higgs

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Silver Body Paint shoot = Mess & fun! This was a shoot we collaborated on a while back now. We wanted to show the female form in its glory but with a twist.. That twist being the silver paint.

When I purchased the Kryolan body paint, I assumed it would be metallic and would go on to the skin to form a smooth, reflective metal appearance. BUT, while painting Kat, I soon realised this was not the case and I started to panic! As the paint was drying, it started to flake. It wasn’t moving, it was just breaking up and forming a foil effect. This really disappointed me, UNTIL we started shooting. This effect under the lights and on the camera was really beautiful and I was then really pleased how it came out!

We set up a corner booth for me to work in. We bought plastic dust sheets and covered the whole area with them. I used a brush to paint Kat head to toe in the paint, and it needed two coats for it to be really opaque.

Kat was a great model, it was cold enough in the studio, let alone being made to stand almost naked and be painted for an hour! Plus….. We didn’t have a shower on site, so we did what we could with baby wipes and we all went out for pizza after! The joys of being a model ay? :)

Fotoshoot Laat me Lachen!

Model: Florette Reijman